Complete Online Solutions
Asia Printing's website is designed to ensure you will have an excellent experience as you order your print products through our website You can provide the specifications you need online by completing the online form or tell us a little about yourself in our contact information form. We will work on the quote based on your requirements and contact you to arrange a meeting.
If you are our existing customer, you will have the pleasure of accessing our Freeflow Online Ordering System, exclusively for our customers to view and order their collaterals online.
In this Freeflow online ordering system, the customer can create and amend the artwork, place order, request reprint, view your order history and organise the company's printing collaterals online.
Online Ordering
Once you've decided on the products or print services that fit your needs, you can place your online order through us and choose the delivery option that's right for you. Read more about Online Ordering.
Online Custom Product Catalog
As part of Asia Printing’s commitment to excellent customer service, we offer a great online service that many of our clients enjoy. We can set up a free, online custom catalog with the products that fit your business. For example, if you use company letterhead, forms for your human resource department, table tents and other promotional materials,you can add them to your online custom catalog by working with our team. Our online custom catalogs are perfect for any customer who needs to order forms, promotional literature, business cards or other print materials on a frequent basis.